Doviđenja, German Speaking Club!

Nine months have passed and the time has come for Klara and me to end our ESC program in Split and say goodbye to all the lovely elderly. Sadly, that also signifies the end of the German Speaking Club in Centar Zlatno Doba.

Altogether, we held 14 meetings and did various activities to practise and improve speaking in German. The grannies and I talked about travelling, fashion, family, childhood, books and art. We played memory with printed pictures of food and drinks, sports and clothes. We improvised stories about frogs with the help of vocabulary cards and printed pictures. We went for a walk and to drink coffee while conversing about Croatian lifestile and traditions in comparison to Austrian ones. And most notably, we discussed and spoke in German.

Even though our group was quite small we had great conversations and it made me happy to see the improvements of the elderly. Especially Anna, who came every single time and never missed out on an opportunity to converse. And in return, I also learned some new Croatian words.

Now it is unfortunately time for me to go back to Austria and leave Split behind. That is why on Friday, the members and I celebrated the success of the German Speaking Club one last time with a Bijela Kava on Riva.

A special thanks to Anna and Inge, vidimo se i Auf Wiedersehen!

Lena Matuschik

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