The painting on canvas: Cherry blossom

Last workshop for our elderly was based on the topic: Cherry blossom tree after storm. I wanted to do something more difficult and have a product which we can either sell during The Day of Solidarity or which can elderly take home for a memory.

Since we wanted to connect our elderly with Ukrainian ladies we decided to do workshop for both of groups together.We had 15 participants and some of them were new. We divided to two groups. In the first group were people who wished to paint their own motives and with the second group I painted Cherry blossom step by step. It was quite intensive this time, because we had also participants who were very old or with the dementia. Thanks to cooperation of all people whe were included we managed to paint very nice pictures and enjoyed last workshop together.

I will see elderly one more time during Bye-bye party in Goldan Age Center and I would be happy if Udruga-MI found a person who would lead Creativity workshop when I leave. I think that it is unusual opportunity for elderly to meet friends, to create and to learn something, to develope their fine motor and spend together a nice time.

Klara Boštikova

klara ukrajinci 1

klara ukrajinci 2

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