Celebrating Planet Earth Day

In the beginning of April, I came with idea to do activity connected with the Earth Day. I remembered the movie called David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet which I saw a few years ago.

Since we organized almost every activity for elderly I tended to invite this time also young people and that’s how I met other ESC volunteers who are here in Split.We had less participant then I expected but we enjoyed anyway.

The movie was one hour and half and youth could enjoy also some healthy refreshments we prepared. When the movie ended naturally discussion about topics which David Attenborough mentioned. It was very nice to see that we have the similar view to eco-friendly lifestyle and I appreciated that volunteers shared some interesting stories and advice connected with the saving of our planet. During the discussion I gave everybody card where were some pictures connected with daily based activities which help to live more sustainable.

Klára Boštíková

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