German Speaking Club

Guten Tag!

About a month ago, an idea for a new activity with the elderly in Centar Zlatno Doba was born. Already at the beginning of my stay in Split I found out that some of the seniors speak German to a really high level.

Some because of relatives living in German-speaking countries, some because they learned it at school and some because of a wave of motiviation that reached them during the start of their retirement. So I gathered all the German-speakers together and founded the German Speaking Club! Every Friday morning we meet up in Centar Zlatno Doba and talk about various topics, like food, fashion, travelling, and so on… of course in German! As a native speaker I support the ladies in practising and improving their speaking skills and vocabulary. The main point of the German Speaking Club is to improve talking in German while having fun. It is about relaxed conversations and not about studying grammar, that is what I like most about it!

So far we have had 3 meetings , I am looking forward to many more!

Danke und auf Wiedersehen! ;) Lena Matuschik

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