Let`s eat some Kaiserschmarrn!

Last Monday, I organised an Austrian afternoon for our singers in the Golden Age Centre. After all of them arrived, they started singing their Croatian songs and in the meantime I was heating the Kaiserschmarrn and the Apfelmus which I had prepared at home. But what is that even?

Kaiserschmarrn is a tradional Austrian dish and means literally „chaos of the emperor“ and dates back to the time of Austria-Hungary`s Kaiser Franz Joseph. It is a sweet dish and best described as scrambled pancakes. It is served with warm Apfelmus, which is some kind of apple puree with cinnemon.

After some Croatian hits were sung, I served the Austrian dish with the help of my collegues to 15 elderly, who seemed to be very curious about it. Some of them were already familiar with Kaiserschmarrn because in some parts of Croatia it is eaten and known as „carski drobljenac“.

When the Kaiserschmarrn was eaten I surprised them with a little quiz about my homecountry. It started with simple questions like „Kako se zove glavni grad Austrije?/What is the name of the capital of Austria?"


“ but got more difficult until there were questions like „Koliko slojeva pekmeza od marelica ima Sachertorte?/ How many layers of apricot jam does a Sachertorte have?"

“. The seniors were quite enthousiastic and participating which made me very happy. To end this nice afternoon we sang and danced to the Croatian songs until everyone got tired!


Lena Matuschik

Carske mrvice 1

Carske mrvice 3

Carske mrvice 5

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