What do you know about Czech Republic?

I had a presentation about Czech Republic 25th January. The presentation took place in Golden Age Center Split for elderly who studies English language there. The main aims of this project were to introduce basic facts about Czech Republic to elderly, to give them an opportunity to discuss in English, to learn something new about different culture and also to find similarities among Croatian and Czech society.

I started with conversation about elderly’s experience with Czech Republic in general. A few of them visited Prague and one of them has been in Karlovy Vary. They told to others stories about their trips and then we continued with short quiz (the capital of Czech Republic, the longest river, population etc.).

Next slides showed the most beautiful places of my country, famous people who were born in Czechia, our traditional food and typical Moravian costume. In the end of presentation, I was talking about interesting facts.

The last part of the project belonged interconnections between Czech Republic and Croatia. Of course we mentioned establishing of Hajduk club in Prague, we discuss Slavik languages and elderly tried to do a partial translation of our national anthem which we subsequently listened to.

When I wanted to end up the presentation one of the elderly raised his hand up and asked me if I know how to dance the Polka which is our typical dance. I confirmed it and I also offered him to dance. We played one Czech song, we danced together and ended up my presentation very positively.

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