Advent wreath workshop

On Friday 2th December I did a workshop for elderly in Golden Age Centre Split. The main aims of this workshop were to show elderly how to create an advent wreath, help them during making their own one and to give them an opportunity to meet and talk to each other.

We made nine of advent wreaths and everybody could decorate it according to their fantasy with material which was bought in advance. It was very nice to see how elderly tried to help each other and thanks to Croatian Christmas songs, smell of fresh green branches and dried oranges we could enjoy a pre-Christmas atmosphere.

With organisation of workshop helped me colleagues from Udruga MI whose also participated in creating. We managed to finish all of advent wreaths in an one and half hour. Afterwards elderly stayed in the common room to drink a tea, eat a biscuits and chat.

I would say that the workshop was successful and excepting improving organisational and communication skills I had a chance to try talking in Croatian language with elderly and colleagues which I am grateful for.

Klára Boštíková

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