Presentation in Vrgorac

On the 27th of September we travelled with our two colleagues to the small town called Vrgorac. The population in the town is around seven thousand and people there are highly motivated to do new projects or organise their own events. People who participated on our presentation were members of organisations established in the town, students from the local highschool or active commune dwellers.

Vrgorac 2

The presentation had two parts. The first one was led by our colleagues and it was approximately one and a half hours long. They were educating people about organising voluntery activities. The audience could hear how to create a project, which rights and duties the organisers and volunteers have and a few examples of concrete events which passed off in the few last years.
For the second and shorter part of the presentation me and Lena had the responsibility. The topic which we introduced to listeners, especially to students, was the European Solidarity Corps voluntary programme. Our main aims were to say the basic facts about the ESC, explain how to join the ESC, show fields of projects and inspire students by our own stories.
I would evaluate this meeting in Vrgorac like a success because people were interested in the topic which we brought. They asked some questions, listen us carefully and stayed with us for a discussion also after the end of the presentation. For me and Lena personally it was very important event because we tried the first time to make a presentation about the ESC in public and we encouraged students from Croatia to travel abroad and help people in different European countries. Thanks to this we could feel a deep sense in the project we signed up to.


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