Introducing first ESC volunteers in Udruga "MI" - Split: Lena Matuschik

Bok bok!
My name is Lena Matuschik, I´m 18 years old and I´m from Austria.

I finished highschool in June 2022 and decided to take a gap year before starting university next year in October. I always knew that I wanted to spend my gap year abroad, so I joined the ESC. I discovered the ESC together with my sister at a fair and she´s doing a project in Estonia. I´m now volunteering for Udruga „MI“ in Split, Croatia, and work with elderly in the Golden Age Center. During highschool I spent some time in France and discovered my interest in travelling, learning languages and meeting new people.
I love reading, playing the guitar, crocheting and eating Parmigiano. I´m very interested in fashion and fashion photography, therefore I´d like to study journalism afterwards. My big (and unrealistic) dream is to work for VOGUE one day :).

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