Volunteering activity at Zaklada za zaštitu životinja Bestie

Last Friday, students from Wallner school visited Zaklada za zastitu životinja Beštie in Kaštel Sućurac as part of their volunteering project and Udruga „MI“ – Split accompanied them.

We picked up the students in Split and it took us about 20 minutes to arrive to Kaštel Sućurac by car. As soon as we got out, we were welcomed by curious barking. We met Zvonimir Filipović, the spokesman of the foundation, and he gave us some interesting information about the animal shelter. It was founded in 2011 and is the only registered and public shelter for abandoned animals in Split and its surroundings. The foundation takes in mostly dogs, but also cats and helps „wild“ animals like hedgehogs, rabbits, turtles, etc. From 2011 to today, the foundation helped and adopted over 2,000 animals. Taking in abandoned, abused and homeless animals is not their only interest, Zaklada Beštie also supports NO KILL shelters and informes citizens about how to responsibly own and care for a pet.

The students of Wallner school chose Zaklada za zastitu životinja Beštie for their volunteering project because the number of stray animals in Croatia is still high and this is the only shelter in the area, so it needs more attention and support. The school bought food for the dogs, which we delivered to the shelter. Afterwards we met the dogs and Mr. Filipović showed us around. He opened some of the boxes so the students could play with the animals, pet them and have a good time together. We spend about one and a half hours with the dogs and the students were delighted, so the dogs.

Then Mr. Filipović told us, that as part of promoting the adoption of their animals, the foundation organises weekly dog walks to the beach or the city. Everybody is welcomed to participate and have a good time with the dogs. One of those walks was organised this Tuesday and I participated. We met at Zvončac and got to know all of the dogs and their stories before making our way to Ježinac and from there to Riva. We were about 20 people and 9 dogs and it was a very nice experience, because it was fun for the dogs, fun for the humans and a promoting activity aswell.

So, whoever likes dogs and wants to spend some time with them, you are always welcome to find your bestie at Beštie!

Lena Matuschik

bestie 1 

bestie 2 

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