The painting of pillowslips and textile bags

On Thursday 3rd February I did a workshop for elderly in the Golden Age Centre Split. The main purpose of this activity was to use homemade stamps, textile colours and to decorate bags and pillowslips which could elderly bring to their homes.

The amount of people who joins creativity workshop is still increasing and this time I had eleven participants. We started with selecting of textile products because there were a few bags, pillowslips and backpacks and elderly had to split up these things among themselves. And when everybody found what they liked I started with giving the instruction. We discused topics of painting, an optional creating their own stamps and the using acryl colours instead of textile ones.

After discussion the painting started and we could watch real waves of creativity. Elderly made beautiful pictures and other kinds of decorations. We had really nice time and I was happy about results of this activity.

Klára Boštíková

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